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how do i get a non pro rata llc LLC

Date Published 2017-01-30 08:31:00Z : Date Updated: 10/2023
  • Question : how do i get a non pro rata llc . Need to set up an LLC. I'm an LLC member and beginning my own Lim. Liab. Co.   Lim. Liability, Co. the business name is GoldsboroLLC LLC Internet CompanyFinance, Insurance, And Real Estate link starting in Wayne County Goldsboro, NC. My member O'Jamie os Charlieing LLC # 17148 . . .
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Yes I clean out foreclosure homes just clean them out how much will it be to obtain a vendors license I don't sell anything I go to properties and clean the foreclosure homes so the real estate can sell them hello, i'm a student and I'm trying to figure out the licenses you'll need to operate a ice cream parlor.
real estate:

Answer: You can create and obtain the LLC here as well.
It is a rental property business located in Chicago Illinois. My plans are to fix the building and make it beautiful. It is a 4 unit building. It has two stories with an unfinished basement. The unit has indoor laundry facilities. It is located in a neighborhood that is near schools, restaurants, grocery stores, and public transportation

Hello Kate! It's wonderful to hear that you're interested in starting a rental property business...
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LLC   LLC set up LLC set up 27530


From sole propr., NC LLC, NC partneship or NC Corp.: Each requires an entity certificate filing.


All Finance, Insurance, And Real Estate   businesses/entities need a business license and an EIN.


Selling/Buying wholesale or retail requires a NC   seller's permit.

If you file an real estate LLC or Corporation

You don't need a DBA Filing. DBA Filing

All real estate LLCs or Corporations

Require an Official Gov't Certificate Filing. E.g., for an LLC, the

articles of organization are the certificate

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real estate

All businesses need a   real estate Business License.

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applies to online, home, mobile and all LLCs, Sole Propr., Partnerships, & Corps in , .

Answer: You can create and obtain the LLC here as well.
It is a rental property business located in Chicago Illinois. My plans are to fix the building and make it beautiful. It is a 4 unit building. It has two stories with an unfinished basement. The unit has indoor laundry facilities. It is located in a neighborhood that is near schools, restaurants, grocery stores, and public transportation

Hello Kate! It's wonderful to hear that you're interested in starting a rental property business in Chicago. Ownership StructureAs a first step, it's important to determine the ownership structure for your rental property business. You can choose to register your business as your sole proprietorship, partnership, LLC, or corporation. Each ownership structure has its own benefits and drawbacks, so it's important to research and choose the one that best suits your needs. One popular option for rental property businesses is to form an LLC. An LLC provides personal asset protection and tax benefits. For example, an LLC can help protect your personal assets in case of a lawsuit, and it can also provide flexibility in tax filing options. You can file your LLC certificate here on our site for a fee of $39 plus state fees, if any. Licensing and Tax RegistrationsRegardless of the ownership type you choose, you will need to obtain a business license for your rental property business. You may also need to obtain a home occupation permit if you're planning to operate the business from your home. Additionally, if you plan to hire employees, you'll need to apply for a federal EIN and a State EIN. Since your rental property business will involve collecting rental income, you will also need to obtain a seller's permit to collect and remit sales tax on the rental income. You can obtain a tax ID and seller's permit here on our site for a fee of $39 plus state fees, if any. Insurance, Marketing, and EquipmentAs for insurance, it's important to protect your rental property with property and liability insurance. You may also want to consider marketing your rental property business through social media and online platforms. In terms of equipment, you'll need to consider items such as appliances and maintenance tools. The start-up costs for a rental property business can vary depending on the location, the size of the property, and the equipment needed. According to a report by Zillow, the average start-up cost for a rental property business is around $30,000. NAICS Code and Business DescriptionThe NAICS code for rental property businesses is 531110, which refers to Lessors of Residential Buildings and Dwellings. As for the business description, you can describe your rental property business as a company that provides quality housing for renters in the Chicago area. ResourcesFor more information on rental property businesses, you can visit the National Apartment Association at Additionally, you can find resources for supplies, wholesalers, and equipment for your rental property business at I hope this information helps you get started on your rental property business journey! Don't forget that you can obtain any necessary licenses and registrations here on our site for a small fee of $39 plus state fees, if any.

Q:We have 1 single family home that we will be renting out and plan on investing in additional rental properties in the future. No selling. It is a family real estate company LLC .

I used to be a member and need the fed ID # I have a real estate under an LLC as sole owner but wanted to make a living trust hi I live in San Antonio, TX I want to sale purses and accessories at different vendor events what licensing do I need do I need a separate license for my barber business and my real estate business Finance, Insurance, And Real Estate investor setting up an LLC for free.

The manager for the bank sent me a link for a free LLC site, but the email disappeared, so I thought I would try online and found this .com. Can I file for free? Does the free LLC service include an LLC operating agreement Insurance El Estado, LLC ?.

A:If you order 2 or more items, we can prepare a customized LLC operating agreement for you as well for free. Note that the LLC operation agreement is required when opening a bank account because it contains ownership information. If you are not the owner, you cannot open an LLC bank account. Yes, you can file an LLC for free. ...

All Retailers/Wholesalers need a real estate Seller's Permit
If you sell or want to buy wholesale, you need it.

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A Seller's Permit is also required to sell any merchandise or food (any tangible / touchable product) .

Answer: You can create and obtain the LLC here as well.

Yes, How long after applying would I receive my tax I'd # How long does it take to get the tax ID # back? I'm looking to see if I need a license like a real estate licenses or some permit. I am opening a real estate office in Prescott Valley, AZ, do I need a business license?

Furthermore, I am a real estate agent, my brokerage is in Los Angeles, someone in the city said I need a business license to list a home in Moor park, because I'm outside that county. Is this true? I'm not opening a business, I'm a registered real estate agent in the State of California, so there are just auto links, not from an actual person, how soon will I receive my permit once filed hi would like to know if your services include a registered agent.

You can file an LLC here at free-LLC .com, which is the link your bank manager sent you. We can set up an Illinois LLC for free at free-LLC .com. However, note that it so happens in IL that the state charges a $500 to $600 state registration fee. Other states, such as California, charge a fee @ or less than $100, but Illinois is the most expensive in the U.S. This is not included in our free LLC service. You need to pay the government fees.
As the majority of Real Estate Investor businesses, 99.9%, you will need an occupational business license even if you obtain a free LLC filing, or you incorporate. In addition, you may need a federal tax ID number, and if you sell any merchandise, you will need a resale tax ID number.

All real estate Business Entity Structures Need an

Official Gov't Certificate Such as

an LLC, DBA, or Corp. Certificate.

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Answer: You can create and obtain the LLC here as well.

Also note that all LLC s need a Real Estate Investor occupational business license. Additionally, if the LLC has more than one member, or you will file a tax return for the LLC as a corporation as opposed to a disregarded entity, you will need a federal tax ID number for the LLC . Starting a Real Estate Investor business the first step is to choose the tax legal structure.
There are three major ones:
1. Sole proprietor,
2. Partnership, and
3. Corporation or Limited Liability Company.
All small, home and web-based Real Estate Investor businesses as well as big businesses must choose and register as one of the above.
In addition, businesses must obtain a business tax registration occupational license receipt.
If selling any Real Estate Investor taxable items, a business must also get a reseller ID number to buy wholesale and sell retail.
Finally, if a business is an employer, it needs to get a federal EIN and a State EIN.

I have a very small shop. I make a profit of about $50/month you have not helped me determine if I want LLC or DBA I need to determine that so 1. DBA and what is next that I need. It is the sole proprietor and

1. DBA is not hiring so again please list what I would need I hit enter and it will not accept clothes and collectibles for question 1. What do I do my town sent me to this site, so it must be acceptable to them, but this is a mess and all you do is write on and on and Ono, so I refreshed now question 1 is business type what do I put yes, so sole proprietor so lets go with next part
1. DBA, what is next #1 is DBA and then what do I need as #2 I know about DBA and I know I need one, and I do NOT want LLC as of now no wholesale I just pick things up at thrift or estate sales. How do I get my Business Name Filing Document? County Yes, you do have to register and pay a fee before you start doing business under the LLC I'm just a home business license for a new business in Colorado I'm not selling anything all I need is a license for the business.

I am so real estate resigning and Color consulting for homes thanks, just here for your contact details. We'll be calling you soon. Isn't that like.. The whole approach stated here... it's in the URL. What if a business doesn't pay taxes as an entity, but each employed pay separate tax.

More about this real estate

When you buy real estate wholesale for resale,

You will Need a Resale Certificate. Resale Certificate

A Resale Certificate Certifies that You Have a Seller's Permit.

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  • First, Finance, Insurance, And Real Estate business entity formation: your preference for forming an LLC requires that you obtain an LLC certificate and an LLC operating agreement. The other options are sole proprietorship, partnership, or corporation..

  • Second, The price of the LLC is $49 plus state fee ( normally, about $50 to $100 more). Finance, Insurance, And Real Estatereal estate in NC, to the state of NC.

  • NC Seller's Permit Information Summary

    Charlotte Raleigh Charlotte State of North Carolina Winston-Salem Raleigh North Carolina NC NC  
    Third,   Finance, Insurance, And Real Estate is a small business because it has under 35 employees, and 80% of all small businesses have no employees but since you mentioned that you will hire employees, you will need to obtain both a state EIN and a Federal EIN because you will need to withhold and remit employment taxes to both the federal and state governments.

  • Fourth,   a business structure such as sole proprietor, LLC, or corporation must be selected. Nevertheless, the assumed business name:"Roberts xyz cZoun27530"   Finance, Insurance, And Real Estate must be registered with a(an) Wayne County trade business name. Unless you set up an LLC or a corporation. In that case, you will not have file a fictitous business name.

  • Fifth,   Finance, Insurance, And Real Estate businesses in 27530, are required to get a Goldsboro business license because health, gross receipts, employees etc determine the small tax paid for the license ( usually about $10- $100 per year). .
FirstXYZGroup, LLC. FitzJohn Doeson 1/30/2017 8:31 AM   how do i get a non pro rata llc Starting a new small business online. LLC Wayne County Goldsboro Goldsboro, 27530 I will not hire any contractors or employees.    

Q:Who Should Form an LLC?
A: Business owners that are concerned about being exposed to litigation due to transaction arising out of business transaction as for example some one falling in your store and suing you for damages, should form an LLC.
Q:Do I need to hire an attorney to help me file an LLC?
LLC A: All states let you file an LLC without the help of a lawyer. You may want to consult with one on the other hand that may help you draft the llc agreement and advise you in your particular tax situation..
Q:How will I have to pay for taxes for my LLC?
A: With an LLC, you can elect to be taxes as a sole owner or be taxed as a corporation.
Q:   Can an existing sole proprietorship become an LLC?
A:Yes simply submit an online form here on this site and purchase an LLC filing. We will file the necessary paperwork to make your business an LLC.
Q:What exactly is an LLC agreement?
A:An LLC agreement is just a document that specifies the rights and duties of the owner or owners and the stake they hold in the LLC..
Q:Do I need to sign the LLC certificate of the articles of organization before you submit it to the secretary of state?
Seller's Permit A:No, you don't need to sign the articles before we submit it for filing.
Q:What if I want to register an LLC in more than one state?
A:You need to pay state fees for each state you want to register an LLC.
Q:Why do they call it pass-through taxation?
Business License A:Pass-through taxation means that you can report the llc income through your individual tax return. This allows you both to offset personal losses against llc profits as well as avoid double taxation.
Q:Why LLCs have more beneficial ownership structure?
A:An LLC is perhaps better for foreigners because it allows them and for large numbers of LLC owners that it also allows as opposed to an S corporation that is limited to 100 shareholders.
Q:In what states may I set up a series LLC?.
A:Delaware, Illinois, Iowa, Nevada, Oklahoma, Tennessee, and Utah allow for series LLCs.


Asked on: 8/10/2021 11:41 PM
Hi!! I want to know info. About how to get a housekeeping license I don't have any now I'm new in the business, All the permits are legally?

I thought I have to go like to a class or something to get a housekeeping license? I want to get a business license and find out what else is needed to start this business, just me and 1 employee. i made up my own name and I seared the PTO for any and there wasn't any, is that the right place what's LLC and corp?

What's the difference' ok thanks I'm still trying to read all your comments lol  mim not very good with computers, yet I want the license and the EIN.

Okay, Iā€™m a makeup artist. What proper licenses do I need?
Hi, I have a Master Plumber Certificate in New York state, can I apply for license in Las Vegas, NV ?

I have just one question right now : Nevada except NY State Master Plumber license or I have to make another test? Yeah, I am not sure if I can get a seller's permit and use it in the city of Charlotte I want to sell balloons around the city of Charlotte Would like to speak to a costumer service representative I tried calling your 800# and didn't get to speak with a person all I got was machines I left a message on the voice mail I hope to hear from a person who can answer my questions.

8/10/2021 11:41 PM

Yes, for housekeeping, you need a business license and an EIN. You can form an LLC for your housekeeping business.
Asked on: 8/10/2021 11:40 PM
Do u need a license to have a mini store in our house Like candy soda things like that I have a sales task permit and it's say other direct selling establishment my business is a mini store I only sell to the customer so besides the sales tax permit I have to have another license for the business.

If I started a vendors market and rented booths to crafters would I need a resale license.

Yes am there so I want to know about how to register business I have recently created an llc in GA and need to obtain a sellers permit. Am I in the right place Yes, I am here. Is my LLC the same as having a business license? I have an LLC and an EIN number. I will be selling retail. SO i need a business license and sellers permit correct?

Do "gardeners" who do Mowing and Blowing have to have a business license in Culver City to do work there? I don't. I'm a tenant and want to know if the owner's gardner need a Culver City business license to work in Culver City?

If you are a landlord do you need a business license? Thank you. You've answered my questions. Yes do you have a phone number I could contact you at?

8/10/2021 11:40 PM

You need a business license and a seller's permit.
Asked on: 8/5/2021 7:06 PM
Name Alt. LLC. Hello, I'm peaking around for information. I'm looking to become a caregiver or seller of medical marijuana.

So my business name is MedMarij I believe that I'll need the seller's license, business license, and LLC I live in Texas and I want to get a marijuana license in Colorado, I understand there is a way to avoid the 2-year Co residence requirement according to a segment here in.

Can you elaborate a little more in such regard? I intend to produce cannabis oil over there Yes, when you say set up another kind of business to avoid the two year.

Co residency and ask the landlord to allow to add the pot sales after two year, my question is, what can I do in the meantime, can I sell it? Do you mean buy it from some else? And the second question is can I wholesale without the two-year requirement?
8/5/2021 7:06 PM

"MedMarij " must be registered with a DBA LLC or corporation. Selling the joints requires a business license and a seller's permit.

Answer: You can create and obtain the LLC here as well.
For an LLC in DC, you will need  LLC certificate, an LLC operating agreement, an EIN and a Business License. There are annual costs such as paying to update the officer's annual statement, but it is usually a small amount such as $10, to $50 annually. Yes, you need a separate tax id.
Asked on: 8/3/2021 8:32 PM
I need info about health permits and city licenses for Goldsboro, NC What do I need to provide to get a seller permit from reading, pa?

I do Granite countertops, but I want to start my own Yes I wanted to know the fees for the state of Nevada to get a license for granite installer We install granite, I work for a company. I don't sell anything. ..

Just wanted to get a license of installer After having a license of installer of granite /marble , I would be able to install anywhere correct??

Examples casinos, stores, restaurants I am looking into starting up my own granite, Quartz, and solid surface fabrication and installation company in Arizona.

To install granite countertop all I need is a business license, how much is that. So if I get a business license, I could start fabrication on granite countertop. Difference between peddlers, lic and transient.

What is needed in the state of hawaii to sell, fabricate, and install granite countertops How are you today I am interested on getting the license for granite installation.

How can I apply for the license and how long is it take Yes i live in california and i would like to obtain a granite and cabinets license but im not sure where to start of at.
8/3/2021 8:32 PM

For granite installation you need all licensing as discussed on this site, including the LLC, a business license, an EIN and a seller's permit.
Asked on: 8/3/2021 8:31 PM
By: Tina
Can a husband and wife be the only entities on the LLC? How do I set that up? I just need to know what I need to bathe dogs in a dog grooming business I am starting a mobile dog grooming business in California.

 I am special license other than my fictitious name? Furthermore, I filed that already and opened a bank account. I am the only employee is dog grooming taxable in the city of.

 Do you need anything else but a business license to do dog grooming in Colorado I am trying to get more info on pet grooming business licensing in Ellensburg would you know if my zip code is ok for bus zoning?

It's 10704 yes I live in Beebe, Arkansas, and I'm opening a dog grooming business. I have a business permit, so do I need a business license?

Hi, I'm doing a project for school, and we have a "dog grooming business" and we were wondering what licenses you would need and about how much they would cost yearly? Does Brunswick, Ga requires a short course for Pet Grooming Business? Ok, thanks, BUT DO I NEED A COURSE CERTIFIED IN PET GROOMING? Pet grooming - do I need a grooming license or certificate to open a grooming location in MN.

How do I file for a small home based business license it's a dog grooming and pet card. It's by appointment only. I don't have employee but myself I will not be putting up streamers etc. but I will only have business card and brochures for my services.
8/3/2021 8:31 PM

Yes. One person can even be an LLC. Just submit your business info and select state. Then select LLC and check it out. We will set you up legally with an LLC. For mobile grooming, you will need the LLC as well as the business license and an EIN. Other than the fictitious business name, you may need a seller's permit if you sell any items such as dog leashes. So, yes, you need a business license. Yes, you would need to take a cource in grooming and obtain a grooming dogs certificate in additional to the business licensing mentioned above.
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